Handling of Heavy Equipments and Machinery

Shree Ganesh Infrastructure is an expert in the construction business and that includes the handling of heavy machinery. During construction, there is a lot of dealing with heavy machinery and if they are not dealt or handled properly, then instead of something constructive, instead destruction can happen.

This is why proper skilled labour is required to handle them properly and manage them as well.

Enclosed herewith please find list of tools & tackles, Mansources available and the brief history of our past work experience for your ready reference and kind consideration.

In the construction business there is a lot of machinery that needs handling like for example there is the chimney boiler which is required. And then for the electricity purpose of running the lifts and cranes, a generator is required so handling of the generator is also required. Its maintenance is also important else the generator might blow up. There is also the handling of the gas tank and the transformers as well. Other than that a lot more construction materials need handling and the skilled labour available with Shree Ganesh Infrastructure comes handy here.

Handling of Heavy Equipments and Machinery



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