Fabrication and Erection

In construction, fabrication and erection are important entities and Shree Ganesh Infrastructure is very much experienced in it. For anything, wherever metal sheets are used, fabrication is a very important part of it. For this reason good fabrication labour is required who are skilled and talented for good fabrication finishing.

Also when it comes to making small cranes and lifts for transporting raw materials to upper floors, then to make then erection of the skeleton is required and is important. Hence for this very reason good fabrication artists are very helpful as they can weld and cut the metal properly and do the finishing properly.

Enclosed herewith please find list of tools & tackles, Mansources available and the brief history of our past work experience for your ready reference and kind consideration.

Also in the construction of metal bodies like in bridges, industries and skyscrapers, erection bodies are very important. Here Shree Ganesh Infrastructure have the edge above everyone else because they have the pool of skilled labour with them which allows them to do the job very quickly, efficiently and in proper finesse which makes the erection or the finished product really good and sturdy. It adds to the overall appeal of the place.

Fabrication and Erection



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